iuoe local 428
International Union of Operating Engineers
Local 428

office (602) 254-5266
fax (602) 257-8674

Labor Day Picnic

Work History Update Form Download


Please make sure to contact the Phoenix office

with any changes of address or phone numbers.

*ATTENTION* If you do not have your dust certificate, OSHA, CDL, or MSHA, NOW Is the time to update your certifications and skills, contractors are requesting these certifications.

Arizona Employers Have New Injury and Illness Reporting Requirements

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Retiring? What you need to know

As a member of local 428 you have options upon retirement you can either maintain your membership or take an honorable withdrawal. Pensioner dues are $12.00 monthly and can provide your beneficiary with a death benefit. Also, you are welcome to attend meetings, vote on current issues and upcoming elections. Your name can be retained on the out of work list for part time employment opportunities. Your membership continues to get recognition for your years of service as an Operating Engineer.To take a withdrawal your dues need to be current through that month. The cost is $5.00 and a form needs to be completed for your membership to be sustained. If you decide to return to the industry the card can be deposited after a period of 13 months.Please take the time to consider these options and any further questions can be answered by calling the office @ (602) 254-5266 during business hours. From the staff and officers of Local 428 we thank you for your years of support and dedication.