Dues Notification

Please contact the Phoenix union hall at (602) 254-5266 for information pertaining to dues rates.


  • How long has it been since you’ve undated your beneficiary cards? Has your family situation changed? If so, be sure to ask for a new beneficiary designation card and file the proper card with the offices and departments that apply to you. In many cases our members have more then one benefit based on their union membership. Below are some of the possibilities:
  • Local 428 Death Benefit Fund: Cards can be obtained from either the Phoenix or Tucson union office or call and we will mail one to you to be completed.
  • Local 428 Construction and/or Utility Health and Welfare Trust Funds: Cards can be obtained at our fund administrator’s office,  SOUTHWEST SERVICE ADMINISTRATORS, INC. 2550  W. Union Hills, #290, Phoenix, AZ  85027  – Phone: (602) 249-3582.
  • Central Pension Fund Of The International Union of Operating Engineers: (For stationary industry engineers) Call or write to the Central Pension Fund, 4115 Chesapeake Streets NW, Washington DC 20006, Phone: (203) 362-1000.
  • Each of these benefit funds are separate and administered separately. Changing the beneficiary with one DOES NOT change any of the others. Protect your loved ones and take a minute to be sure that your death benefits will go to whom you wish.